Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The "IT GUY" could teach an old dog new Tricks!

Last night I was taught for 2 hours how to down load photos of my cards! I learned alot and hopefully I will continue to learn more about the computer and its "SECRETS!" I have down loaded a closer view of my recent "TILDA" as practice! I added to a past post as a lesson from "IT GUY" and it worked! Wow! This photo cropping and all is just a wonderful tool! I am off to make and down load some New Cards!

Thanks for looking!

Lita :)

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Krystinah said...

Cngratulations....That's exciting huh....I still have a hard time with certain things...and after you do it a few times it will become super easy....Keep up the great work...The IT Guy sure is nice to have around huh?