Friday, July 18, 2008

The Name "Poquita Lita"

Our first and only grandson was born a year ago last April. My maternal side of the family are hispanic. My grandmother was 94 and was going to be known as "Abuela"(Grandmother). So an endearing term for grandma is "Abuelita". That name my mom was going to get! So,I was asking my mom"what will the baby call me?"

This was a HUGE family decision and involved alot of thought on everyones part. Oh! the drama! Mind you, this name was going to be with me forever! So, after much consideration the name"Poquita Lita"(little grandma) was bestowed upon me! I was neither little nor, had I ever been a grandma before! So, I accepted my new "Title" and I am the happiest "Lita" in the world!



Loreen said...

qué una elección perfecta

Susan said...

Great story! I love hearing how names are brought about!